Monday, December 20, 2010


Someone once said,"life is what you make it and not what it makes you". This may seen much of a nonsense but a critical analysis reveals more than that.
Many were the plan at the beginning of the year. Some had their success plans at the middle of the year and some just as the year was drawing to a close.
You thought you could make it but you ended up failing to reach your goals. Many are those with this kind of experience and feels the have reach the end where they can not move along anymore with the ever changing needs and pressure for economic success.
To have success, you don't look for what is missing but what you have and what can be added to it to make awesome. Some people say 'every mistake is a new style' and yes it may be true but "does it serve any tangible purpose?" should be the question that follows.
Everything is the way you see it.
If it looks like a chair to you, the to you it is a chair.
There is the way it is and there is the way it seems.
You can always look at the brighter side of situations instead of focusing on how bad the situation is.
If you try import-sales and you failed due to inadequate financing, since you tried, you might have developed links that could help support internal buy and sell trade. With that, the business may grow and you can generate enough money to do what you set out to do.
Missing the target teaches you that:
and why
has not been properly answered and therefore more is needed to be done to succeed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Affordable Laptop Project

The laptops will be distributed to each applicant based on those who make the depsit. Money shall be paid through the banks.Details of the payment mode shall be communcated in due time. Level 400 students are not elligible to apply based on the fact that the applying student must have at least two(2) years to spend in school to pay for the cost of the laptops in 24 months duration. If the student fails to meet the financial obligation to DOSS EMPIRE, he/she shall forfeit the semester's exams unless there has been prior arrangement and an understanding is reached. If for any reason the student fail to pay and graduates, he/she shall forfeit the Degree or certificate untill all debt is settled.
*it is not the wish of DOSS EMPIRE to met out harsh conditions to clients, it is purely an agreement between those who think they can afford and be able to abide by the terms of service rendered.
*during the registration week, forms will be available at all Hall on the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, LEGON CAMPUS.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Affordable Laptop Project

Students of University of Ghana will be supplied with the Latest version of Dell, ultra slim model VOSTRO V13 at the beginning of the next academic year. The opinion of the student body is needed for implementation. An estimated fee of about GHc200.00 shall be paid per semester for 4 semesters.
The polls will be opening on Tuesday 20th to 28th April 2010. Check upper right corner for polls.
Laptops will be distributed after the first deposit
SPECS: Ultra-slim VOSTRO V13(customized)
OS :Windows 7
Camera with digital microphone
250 GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive 
Wireless Connectivity 
Intel Processor(ultra low voltage)
Battery life up to 5hrs.
    I suppose you don't need to be told why you need a laptop  MORE ON VOSTRO V13 

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Some Ghanaians Are Fools

    Nana Darkwa
    I just can't understand why some Ghanaians are not thinking. They behave like they have left their thinking senses behind and are acting without their brains. Because of some little cash they might get from these politicians, they begin to do all sort of crazy things. There has been a fight at the high court between some crazy supporters of both NDC and NPP at the high court and at least 2 people are badly injured. How stupid can one be to just get injured for a flimsy reason as fighting for the right of their member whiles the case is in court.
    Does it make sense to fight over a case that is already in court?
    Why must we allow ourselves to be used by these selfish politicians who will only incite us to do crazy things to satisfy their selfish desires and pretend it is for the good of all.
    It is time we wake up and reason for once and tell them we are not animals. If we could be wise enough, we could observe that with all these crazy fightings no top party official was involved, because they think they are wise and the fighters are fools. Why can't we open our eyes and see things in a better perspective and realize that they are making a fool out of us. One ends up supporting them and only ends up dead.
    They will tell you to be patriotic but true patiotism is not fighting for some stupid political party to accomplish one selfish goal. True patriotism is to think of the well fair of the nation first.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Our Politicians Are Crazy

    I think our politicians are getting stupid. If the NDC were stupid enough to walk out of parliament as if they were a bunch of irresponsible men just because one of their members has been taken to police custody when they were in opposition and the current main opposition party the NPP will repeat same actions and feel comfortable making allusions to the fact that the NDC did same, is a shame to the intergrity of the Ghanaian politician. Same peolpe with similar attitudes in different parties, what difference does it make choosing any of those parties? With this situation cropping up, i was expecting the NPP to show some maturity in their ways so as to put the NDC on the right track and set good examples for the coming politicians to follow. But it seems they are all same, the "vote for me and let me feed my family" type. I just pray that the coming generation will be able to make out the good and the bad aspects of our politician and pick up the positive traits so we can build a better Ghana.

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Prof. Dr. Matilda 'Stingy' Asiedu, Why the Haiti Results?

    If a lecturer wants to bring respect to a course, does it mean he or she should give out no A's and give only 6A-'s? I leave it to you to just imagine the number of F's that came out. Such a lecturer, to me, is beyond what negative words could describe. Over 100 students out of the 292 students who took Nutrition 201 failed. First, her doors are not opened to students to channel any problem they face with the course. For a whole she only allow 1hour which is not enough. One thing I like about her is that, she is very friendly in class and i think that is what I will miss about her. She is a doctor in nutrition science, no doubt, but that does not exclude her from being told she made a mistake with that kind of results. I hope she has a tangible explanation for it. She might make mention of her short quizzes, but she said,
    the quizzes were just to take attendance
    so that is canceled. An interim assessment was taken, i suppose she used it and that couldn't have yielded such a disgusting result. I just hope she never make such mistakes again for she is only driving students away from the nutrition department. To me i suggest she should re-mark the entire papers of the whole class because i think the results pasted is a sham, totally false. I wish all her students well this semester and I hope they do well this semester. She said she is going to be interactive this semester, i will advice, prepare for more bombing.