Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Politicians Are Crazy

I think our politicians are getting stupid. If the NDC were stupid enough to walk out of parliament as if they were a bunch of irresponsible men just because one of their members has been taken to police custody when they were in opposition and the current main opposition party the NPP will repeat same actions and feel comfortable making allusions to the fact that the NDC did same, is a shame to the intergrity of the Ghanaian politician. Same peolpe with similar attitudes in different parties, what difference does it make choosing any of those parties? With this situation cropping up, i was expecting the NPP to show some maturity in their ways so as to put the NDC on the right track and set good examples for the coming politicians to follow. But it seems they are all same, the "vote for me and let me feed my family" type. I just pray that the coming generation will be able to make out the good and the bad aspects of our politician and pick up the positive traits so we can build a better Ghana.