Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Affordable Laptop Project

The laptops will be distributed to each applicant based on those who make the depsit. Money shall be paid through the banks.Details of the payment mode shall be communcated in due time. Level 400 students are not elligible to apply based on the fact that the applying student must have at least two(2) years to spend in school to pay for the cost of the laptops in 24 months duration. If the student fails to meet the financial obligation to DOSS EMPIRE, he/she shall forfeit the semester's exams unless there has been prior arrangement and an understanding is reached. If for any reason the student fail to pay and graduates, he/she shall forfeit the Degree or certificate untill all debt is settled.
*it is not the wish of DOSS EMPIRE to met out harsh conditions to clients, it is purely an agreement between those who think they can afford and be able to abide by the terms of service rendered.
*during the registration week, forms will be available at all Hall on the UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, LEGON CAMPUS.