Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is getting ironic to hear the term Faculty Of Science, in a funny way even the arts departments are getting more scientific than the Faculty Of Science. The most tiresome registration procedure is that of the science department.
With reference to the mode of registration in the Psychology Department, all one has to do is visit the office and get your name into the database and you are registered for the course. With Faculty of Science, suppose one wants to register in the Zoology Department (DABSC), every semester one has to get a passport picture before one can have a successful registration. What happens to the previous passport pictures are unaccounted for? For three years now every student who took a course in the Zoology Department has submitted about 6 passport pictures. This is causing financial loss to the Students. Excuse me to say that, money does not grow on trees and if we get it from our parents, they work hard for it. You can learn from the Psychology Department.
Usually in other Faculties, it takes about a day or two to finalize a semester registration procedure. Come to the Faculty Of Science. HHmmmmmmmm, sometimes for a week and a science student is still doing registration, I don’t know if the delay and complexity is to add a myth to the course for people to say science students are serious (Trivial).I want to ask this question,
what has the science department been able to achieve over the years in terms of research and at least petty projects to add to the country’s technological development agenda?
I might be ignorant and might be portraying my ignorance so I stand to be corrected.
We keep hearing that University of Who Are You has conducted a research and the finding has been published. University of Moving Forward has been able to analyze plant morphology and has come out with a treat that could be developed into drugs to help cure malaria. Interesting enough, Africa suffer malaria heavily but those researchers, most of the times are not Africans.
Where did the African intelligence go?
Industries are formed from the exploits of researches by the Universities. One picks a course from Zoology, Physics, Botany and even the Chemistry Department. One looks into the future and asks, “What can I do with this course?” As for Biochemistry, it is funny, from the start you get to know you are heading to the lab for life if you continue to follow that pathway. The whole science department has been centered on Medical School. For the other branches like Allied Health and the rest, people usually choose those courses after first semester examination after they realize that, their chances to Medical School are slim and don’t want to remain in the school.  
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