Monday, December 20, 2010


Someone once said,"life is what you make it and not what it makes you". This may seen much of a nonsense but a critical analysis reveals more than that.
Many were the plan at the beginning of the year. Some had their success plans at the middle of the year and some just as the year was drawing to a close.
You thought you could make it but you ended up failing to reach your goals. Many are those with this kind of experience and feels the have reach the end where they can not move along anymore with the ever changing needs and pressure for economic success.
To have success, you don't look for what is missing but what you have and what can be added to it to make awesome. Some people say 'every mistake is a new style' and yes it may be true but "does it serve any tangible purpose?" should be the question that follows.
Everything is the way you see it.
If it looks like a chair to you, the to you it is a chair.
There is the way it is and there is the way it seems.
You can always look at the brighter side of situations instead of focusing on how bad the situation is.
If you try import-sales and you failed due to inadequate financing, since you tried, you might have developed links that could help support internal buy and sell trade. With that, the business may grow and you can generate enough money to do what you set out to do.
Missing the target teaches you that:
and why
has not been properly answered and therefore more is needed to be done to succeed.